GPU Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM)

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This page will keep a running list of components used to achieve GPU Virtualization.

An absence of critical technical documentation has historically slowed growth and adoption of developer ecosystems for GPU virtualization.

This CC-BY-4.0 licensed content can either be used with attribution, or used as inspiration for new documentation, created by GPU vendors for public commercial distribution as developer documentation.

Where possible, this documentation will clearly label dates and versions of observed-but-not-guaranteed behaviour vs. vendor-documented stable interfaces/behaviour with guarantees of forward or backward compatibility.

Component Table
Vendor Component Description Version OSS or Blob Filesize Vendor Docs Release Date Interfaces / APIs Notes
Microsoft Indirect Display Driver (IDD) Driver OSS Indirect Display Driver Overview UMDF, KMDF The Indirect Display Driver (IDD) enables GPUs to render graphics at arbitrary resolutions without a physical display connected on Windows OS systems.
RedHat vfio_pci Driver 6.2-rc1 OSS in-kernel RedHat, 2022.12.15 irqfd, ioeventfd, IOCTL Reference VFIO Stub driver used for discrete assignment of IO, and assignment of some SR-IOV-backed vGPU devices into virtual machines. This driver is commonly replaced with a vendor built VFIO interface with differing memory management and/or page pinning mechanisms which are specific to the vGPU software internals.
Mediated Core (mdev.ko) Driver 6.2-rc1 OSS 0.044 MB 2016.xx.xx irqfd, ioeventfd, IOCTL, Type 1 IOMMU The Mediated Core driver provides a common interface for mediated device management that can be used by drivers of different devices. It is an IOMMU/device-agnostic framework for exposing direct device access to user space in a secure, IOMMU-protected environment (based on VFIO).
Arc Compute gvm-guest Daemon 0.1.0 OSS 2023.02.08 Virtio-Serial, CLI Handles IO to and from guests and the host using Virtio-Serial to handle multiple different guest modules.
gvm-cli 1.0 OSS 0.084 MB 2023.01.06 CLI, IOCTL, RMAPI, Mediated Core Configures the the nvidia-vgpu-mgr process.
Intel i915 SR-IOV Driver 5.15 OSS in-kernel Intel's open source GPU driver for GuC-equipped graphics accelerators.
GuC μOS Firmware Blob IOMMU Interrupts, Power Management Interrupts, GTT Handles scheduling, and power management.
HuC GTT Handles video encoding/decoding.
Display Virtualization for Windows OS Driver 791 OSS udmabuf, UMDF, KMDF Intel's 'Display Virtualization for Windows OS' provides a virtual pixel surface used for hardware graphics rendering using Microsoft's open source 'Indirect Display Driver (IDD)'. Display virtualization for Windows OS makes use of display memory sharing primitives provided in-driver by the i915 host.
Nvidia OpenRM Driver 525.85.12 OSS 2023.01.31 Nvidia's open source GPU driver for GSP-equipped graphics accelerators.
GSP RM (uproc) Firmware Blob 2023.01.31 RPC Embedded firmware based on LibOS containing the RM Core.
Falcon/NvRISC (uproc) FBIF (Frame Buffer Interface) / GMMU Embedded firmware which handles many aspects of the device including configuring the GPU's GMMU controller.
nvidia-vgpud Daemon v15.2 Blob 0.108 MB 2023.01.xx CLI, IOCTL, RMAPI, Mediated Core Configures the the nvidia-vgpu-mgr process.
nvidia-vgpu-mgr 0.132 MB 2023.01.xx vmiop, IOCTL, RMAPI, vRPC, pRPC, Mediated Core Handles IO to and from guest RM, host RM, and hardware. Library 3.1 MB 2023.01.xx vmiop, RMAPI, Mediated Core Handles IO to and from guest RM, host RM, and hardware. Contains circular dependancies with nvidia-vgpu-mgr.
nvidia-vgpu-vfio.ko Driver 0.108 MB 2023.01.xx Type 1 IOMMU, irqfd, ioeventfd, IOCTL, Mediated Core Handles incremental memory mapping (non-page pinning per the standard vfio-pci driver).

More Information

  1. Nvidia RISC-V Story
  3. Intel Graphics Programmer's Reference Manuals (PRM)
  4. i915: Hardware Contexts (and some bits about batchbuffers)
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