Hypervisor Support

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Platform Hypervisor Virtual GPU support Memory Sharing APIs IOMMU Groups support PCI forwarding Mdev Support SR-IOV Support SIOV Support
KVM Yes IVSHMEM Yes Yes (via VFIO) Yes Yes In Development
Xen Yes Grant Tables No Yes (via xen-pciback) No Yes Unknown
NVMM Unknown Unknown No Unknown No Unknown No


This section will cover existing support in KVM for VFIO-Mdev and ongoing issues with it's existing implementation.

Missing Functionality

Nested SR-IOV.


This section will cover efforts to support the Xen hypervisor with open device mediation software.

XAPI docs for virtual GPUs can be read here.

Mdev drivers outside Dom0

Xen Hyperlaunch aims to disaggregate Dom0's monolithic functions. This includes a discrete domain for device drivers.

Missing Functionality

IOMMU Groups (discussions around extending or reworking Xen's IOMMU to include IOMMU Groups is ongoing).

Additional Documentation

For additional documentation check the XenProject Wiki.


This section will cover NetBSD's NVMM.

Missing Functionality


Additional Documentation

For additional documentation read From Zero to NVMM.