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Welcome to the OpenMdev Foundation wiki.


Visit the Articles page for an overview of this wiki's contents.

New and existing projects related to the following topics are welcome:

  • Mediated Devices (Mdev)
  • Virtual GPUs
  • IO Virtualization (SR-IOV / SIOV)
  • Virtual Function IO (VFIO)
  • GPU Device Drivers
  • GPU Virtualization Tools
  • Peripheral Memory Disaggregation
  • Shared Memory Devices (IVSHMEM/Grant Tables)
  • Hypervisor & Operating System Development

Signups are open to the public and anyone can contribute.


IRC: #gvm & #gvm-devel on


Getting Started Contributing to

If you'd like to start a new article or contribute to an existing one simply create an account then visit a URL containing the article title you'd like to create or edit and click the "Edit" button.


New articles should be linked on the Articles page so people can find them.